Outtake: 1997 Toyota Paseo Convertible

1997 Toyota Paseo Convertible

It’s been a while since I saw a Paseo, and I don’t recall ever seeing a convertible. When I researched it a bit more, I realized why. This is a second-generation Paseo, only sold in the US for model years 1995-1997. The convertible was released in August of 1996, meaning it was only sold here for the 1997 model year. If I had known that, I probably would have taken more than one picture of it, but at the time it was just a curiosity and not an actual interesting car. Next time I’ll know.


Santa Monica, CA

Photo by The Professor


1992 Subaru SVX

1995 Subaru SVX 1995 Subaru SVX 1995 Subaru SVX 1995 Subaru SVX

The SVX never really caught on, partly because it looked so odd and partly because it was so expensive. Just look at those side windows…They may look cool, but are very impractical in everyday driving. The only other car I can recall that had windows like that was the DeLorean.

It was also only available with a 4-speed automatic, stunting the performance from its boxer-six engine; not only that, but the slushboxes were notoriously unreliable. Just 14,257 were sold in the US and it’s rumored that Subaru lost up to $3,000 on every one sold.

Portland, OR

Photos by The Professor