About Roadside Rambler

Roadside Rambler is a blog dedicated to finding old cars on the street and taking pictures of them to share with the outside world. All pictures here are original work taken by the author indicated at the bottom of the post. You can view full-size pictures by clicking on them.

Roadside Rambler is based in Santa Monica, CA but has cars featured from all across the world, from Alaska to France.

Roadside Rambler is operated by the same people as the former carspotters.org, and will feature many of the cars from the old website. The website was first created in 2011 under the domain name oldparkedcars.net and has since changed locations several times until landing in its present location. With luck and support, it will not need to move again.

Please feel free to comment on any posts you find interesting. If you would like to submit your own photos, you can email them to roadsiderambler@gmail.com and they will be put up shortly.

Thank you for your support.

–The Professor

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