1963 Fiat 600

1963 Fiat 600 1963 Fiat 600 1963 Fiat 600 1963 Fiat 600

I’ll just start by saying that I have virtually no idea what year this car was made between the years 1955-1969. If anyone has more information or can narrow down the year, that would be great. I’m just approximating right now with 1963.

When I first spotted this car on the streets of Paris, I thought the 600 was just like a slightly enlarged 500. In fact, the 600 was released 2 years prior to the introduction of the far more famous 500, so I suppose the Fiat 500 is a shrunken 600.

The Spanish car company SEAT built this car under license for 17 years (1957-1973) as the SEAT 600, which helped provide cheap transportation for poor Spanish families; it is an iconic car in Spain, more so than in Italy, where the Fiat 500 is the iconic one. 2,695,197 Fiat 600s were produced along with 737,319 SEAT 600s.

Paris, France

Photos by The Professor